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Dodge Elementary School Lunch Program

Beginning Nov. 1, all Mobile County Public Schools students will be able to eat a free breakfast. ( more below)

Check out our PAMPAMS program. Parents can prepay for their child's school meals online at (There is a small fee for using this program)


Meal costs are:
Students                            Breakfast                      Lunch
Reduced                                                              .40
Paid                                                                   2.00
Faculty/Staff/Volunteer            1.50                       3.25
Visitor                                   1.75                       3.75      HolidayMeals 5.00
Child Visitor (10 yrs. or less)  1.25                         2.75      HolidayMeals 3.50
Milk (8oz)AlaCarte                  .50                           .50

 Many school programs are dependent upon the number of students receiving free or reduced meals. Therefore, all families are encouraged to complete an application for free or reduced meals. Students not eligible must pay for their lunches, as there are no provisions in the lunchroom for charging meals. Menus will be sent home in the school bulletin. NO charges are allowed.

  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 - 8:00

 Please send lunch money daily or weekly. No charges are allowed for lunch. If you want to apply for the free or reduced program, please pick up an application in the cafeteria. The Child Nutrition Program will accommodate students with special dietary needs, i.e. diabetes, food/milk allergies, sodium restrictions, blended, pureed, etc. This applies to all students - free, reduced or paid. Please contact the Cafeteria at 221-1199


Mobile County schools to offer free breakfasts for all students
Posted by Rena Philips


Beginning Nov. 1, all Mobile County Public Schools students will be able to eat a free breakfast.
Alabama’s largest school system has just been approved for a federal program known as Universal Free Breakfast, which means any student – not just those who financially qualify for the free meals – can get a healthy, hot breakfast upon arriving to school.


The school system will be reimbursed either the entire cost of the breakfast, or a portion of the cost, based on each student's family's financial situation.


Currently, the school system serves 19,700 breakfasts daily, and more than 40,000 lunches, making MCPSS the largest restaurant in Alabama. The school system has about 59,000 students


MCPSS Child Nutrition Director Suzanne Yates said her goal is to increase the number of students eating breakfast at school from 30 percent to 60 percent. Students who eat breakfast, she said, are more likely to perform well in class, come to school and be on time to school.


"We're also hoping this will help with behavior," Yates said. "The more food children have in their stomachs, the less likely they are to act out."


Schools will offer the free breakfasts in one of several different ways, depending on demand and the layout of the school. They are: in the cafeteria, in the classroom, or by having a kiosk in another location of the school.


Each school will need to decide what best suits their needs, Yates said. A couple of schools have been experimenting with serving the breakfasts universally.


The Universal Free Breakfast program is run by the USDA, which requires that grains, milk and juice be served. Yates said the cafeterias also try to provide a meat. A sample breakfast menu may be:


  • A chicken biscuit, fruit and milk.
  • A pancake on a stick, fruit and milk.


Mobile County Public Schools is the only district in Alabama to have all its schools meet the Healthier U.S. Schools Challenge by serving nutritious meals and emphasizing more physical activities.


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