Dear Dodge Family,

Thank you for supporting the PTA. We are striving for 100% membership. Many people have asked, "What is PTA?" The main goal of PTA is to be an effective advocate for all children.  We encourage you to browse the national website at www.pta.org.

Our motto is, "Every child, one voice." We strive to accomplish this goal by working with teachers and administrators to help fund programs, provide volunteers, and give the parents a chance to have their voices heard. Fortunately, we have a school that welcomes parents as visitors and as volunteers. We invite each family represented at Dodge to become a PTA member, participate in PTA sponsored events, and volunteer (even if it's just for one event during the school year). Below are the members of the Executive Board. 
Please feel free to call if you would like to volunteer or have questions. This is going to be an exciting year!

Dodge Elementary PTA Executive Board

President:                   Jennifer Duncan

Vice-President:            Danielle Johnson - Ward

Treasurer:                   Eshe Collins