Bring Your Own Device

Dodge Elementary Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiative

Dodge is an innovative school that understands the importance of technology integration throughout all curriculum areas when applicable. Therefore we will be allowing students in the participating classrooms to bring approved personal, mobile devices to school for instructional use. Students will not be required to purchase a device to bring to school and will not be penalized if they do not. Those students who do bring their own device will be allowed to use them at the appropriate times as instructed by their teacher. Each student participating will be responsible for his/her own device and must follow the established procedures for using the device at school.

Our Purpose:
Our goal is to prepare students to thrive in this 21st century digital world. We plan to do this by allowing (including, providing) efficient and effective access to resources that allows students to connect with learning environments beyond the classroom. The BYOD initiative will also aid in the educational process by extending anytime, anywhere learning into the school day as we integrate familiar technologies. This will allow for quicker, easier access to information and grant students responsibility for their learning while fostering success.

Currently 2nd - 5th grade classes are participating in our BYOD program.  To give permission for your child to bring a device, click HERE.  Teachers will let the students know when they may begin bringing devices.  Please do not send devices to school until teachers have sent parent notifications. Kindergarten and 1st grade classes will come on board with BYOD this year, 2016-2017.

How will these devices be used?  

  • research
  • email
  • Edmodo/Moodle
  • online polls / response quizzes
  • blogging
  • ebooks
  • online learning environments
  • educational apps
  • creating/editing documents
  • collaborating with peers
  • QR code activities (scavenger hunts, assignments)
  • watching assigned videos
  • communicating with the teacher
  • note taking
  • other …..  
  • Approved Devices


Smart Phones/iPod 
Apple iPod Touch
Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and up
Phones running Android 2.3 or higher

iPad 2, 3, mini, and up
Kindle Fire, Fire HD
Tablets running Android 2.3 or higher

Windows 7, 8
Apple OSX  

The purpose of BYOD is to enhance the educational learning environment of the school. Therefore it is necessary to place controls on how this policy is implemented to ensure the integrity of the policy and its processes. As a result, the following procedures have been put in place and misuse of the policy can result in disciplinary action. Actions and restrictions will be taken according to the severity/frequency of procedure violations.

· 1st offense - Warning, Call Home, Restrictive use of device
· 2nd offense - User’s device will be restricted from the WiFi network
· 3rd offense - User’s device will be blocked from the WiFi network
· 4th offense - User’s device will be blocked from the WiFi network and is subject to the MCPSS discipline policy

MCPSS Acceptable Use Policy (student handbook)

*Students will not be allowed to use 3G access for the Internet. They must use our miDevice network. 

*Students will be responsible for the charging of their device. 

*Nintendo DS, DSi, PSP, or other portable gaming devices are not allowed. 

*Any unapproved devices that come to school will be sent home.

*Any student who brings a device without a signed BYOD Guidelines form will not be allowed to use the device.

We will also be collecting old tablets or laptops to be kept at school for students who don’t have a personal device. You can drop off any donations to the front office.